We are so very excited at some of the things coming up on the show. For one, we’ve now got Family Vacationer tshirts, hats, beach bags, beach towels and more at thefamilyvacationer.live/merch. Life is better in flip flops and we have the tshirt to help you brag about it!

We’ve got so many great shows coming up. The worst part in having them recorded is just wanting to release them all at once. In the coming weeks, you’ll hear about some really great cities in St. Louis, Louisville, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Rapid City, SD and Memphis! You’ll also hear some ways to save money on your next family vacation AND an alternative to flying or driving with all that bulky baby gear! But wait, there’s more. Flathead Lake Resort is a dude ranch in Montana that we’re excited to talk about. We’re going to hear from my daughter, wife, and mother in law. My daughter took a 3 generation trip to NYC and DC to celebrate her 21st and we’re going to hear all about it. Danny is also going to recap a trip to Cape Coral AND we’re going to talk to a family that just got back from a trip to Italy! Whew. That’s a lot to look forward to!

This fall, we’re going to start a series on college towns as people travel to tailgate for football. We’re going to show you that these college towns have so much to offer year round! We’ve got Athens, GA and Oxford, MS as our first two towns.

We’re also sneaking up on our 100th Episode!!! Danny and I are on our third year of doing The Family Vacationer and we’re loving every minute of it. We’re trying to plan some special things that week to celebrate. We certainly want to send a heartfelt thank you to all of our guests that have come on with us. The absolute best part of doing this show is learning about all these wonderful cities all over this country and others. Every week we learn so many new things and our list of places we want to travel just gets longer and longer.

Most of all, we want to thank all of you for listening. This year we’re going to work hard to try and build a community around the show. A place where parents can give tips of new places to visit, new gadgets to try, and more. So, thank you dear listeners and buckle up because we are just getting started!

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