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I am not a big fan of camping. I can point to several traumatic, weather-related camping fiascos that probably had a lot to do with my attitude towards the activity. My parents had a pop-up camper for a while, but I have very few memories of the family using the camper.

But, as a family travel podcast, we try very hard to look beyond our own tastes and lean into popular travel trends. It’s impossible not to recognize that camping and RV’ing have gained considerable popularity in the US. The RV industry is a 50 billion dollar industry in this country alone. With that in mind, Danny and I filmed our very first video edition of the Family Vacation at the local Camping World. I was blown away by what RV travel looks like in today’s world. Suddenly, the thought of a weekend spent camping isn’t such a bad thought. I could definitely see my family enjoying the flexibility that comes with camping in an RV.

I was also amazed at apps like Outdoorsy that allow you to rent someone else’s RV. Most of the owners will even come to the campground and set it up and tear it down for you! Also, there is an app called The Dyrt where you can view and reserve camping sites pretty much anywhere you’d want to go. And those are just two of many really powerful apps to assist you in your travel. So, in October, we’re going to take a small break from our Domestic Travel Series and give a deep look at RV’ing. We’ll have one or two video episodes dedicated to it as well as our two podcasts for the month. Make sure and subscribe to both the podcast and the new YouTube Channel!
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