Very excited to be taking my first cruise with MSC Cruises in late September. If you’re unfamiliar with MSC, they are an Italian cruise line that has slowly but surely been making “waves” (sorry, couldn’t resist) in the US market. The parent company of the cruise line is the second largest container shipping company in the world.

My wife and I will be taking a short cruise to the Bahamas and leaving from Port Canaveral. Be on the lookout for a recap podcast where I’ll cover everything from flying into MCO (Orlando) and transportation to and from the airport, hotel around the port, and the entire cruise experience. Make sure and follow The Family Vacationer on Instagram and Facebook for some live coverage when we’re there. We’ll also be talking about Ocean Cay, the private island of MSC and what that experience is like.

If you are planning on taking a cruise and flying to your port destination, wherever that might be, get there a day early! With the airlines still a mess, do not risk missing the cruise because of your flight. Grab a hotel close to the port (a lot of hotels around ports offer free or low cost shuttles to the port itself).

Be on the lookout for the recap podcast in October-November!

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