Danny and I were both on vacation last week. We’ll have a show on each of those vacations coming soon. I feel like every vacation I take, I learn something new. Sometimes it’s about the places we visit but most times, it’s something new I learn about myself. As I get older, I know a lot of the things I am looking for in a vacation are changing. I’ve mentioned on the show how much I love the Gulf Coast and 30a, but the review of our trip is going to be surprising.

We heard lots of complaints while we were down there and read many on the Facebook groups for the area about the water. That one baffles me. I get that people pay a lot of money to go down to the area and come with certain expectations. The thing is, those expectations don’t trump mother nature. Storms at sea churn up a lot of things that wind up on the shore. The water quality wasn’t what you normally think of when you think of the area, but that’s just how it is. Again, I think people need to work some things into their expectations. One of the main things I love about visiting the area is just going out in the ocean and floating. We had red flags for the entire visit, so I wasn’t able to do much of that due to how rough the water and currents were. But that’s just a chance you take when going in the summer.

There are, certainly, other issues at play that warrant consideration when traveling to PCB, 30a, or Destin in the summertime. Those are a lot of the issues that will factor into our vacation decisions moving forward. We’ll talk about those issues more in the vacation review, but overtourism is absolutely a factor in the area. We tried to get into several restaurants in the area and were hit with 2-3 hour waits. Really, it’s an issue when you want to do just about anyting. There are so many people, everywhere. Prices are soaring to stay close to the water. I worry about what kind of trash is being left behind for the locals to deal with on the beaches and just in the towns in general. That being said, I have several places that we definitely want to call out around Seacrest Beach for being awesome! We had awesome meals at Salty Sue’s in PCB, Shades at Inlet Beach, Acme Oysters in Destin, Pizza by the Sea in Seacrest, and enjoyed the Donut Hole and getting fresh seafood from Destin Ice. Look for the review of the area soon.
Til Next Time!

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