I’m really excited to start this series on small town vacations. Now we love talking theme parks, Hawaii, and some of the other extremely popular resort areas you’ll have heard of. But, I’ve traveled across the country many times and have had the opportunity to discover some really interesting places. Some of the cities we’re going to cover, I’ve traveled to and some are places that just look awesome.

Newport, RI is one of those towns I’ve visited and it is this awesome, historic, coastal town. In the summer, the beaches are booming with visitors from Boston and New York and all over. Incredible seafood and some cool historic mansions.

Traverse City, MI has some of the most amazing lake water, I’ve ever seen. Such a cool smalltown with a big town feel.

Ashland, OR I happened upon in the days before phone-based GPS. We got lost and, luckily, wound up in Ashland. Oregon is a beautiful state and this town has so much charm.

Anyway, those are the first three. I highly recommend listening to these shows. It’s really fun to talk to the different representatives of their communities. These are PR folks, but it’s so easy to tell how passionate each of them is about their towns. Because they really are their towns. It’s where they’ve chosen to live and raise their families.

If you have a town that you think we should take a look at, please drop me a line at rob@thefamilyvacationer.live. There’s nothing really scientific about what we are considering a small town. Most have anywhere from 15-25K, but we’re also covering Casper, Wyoming which has almost 60k residents. Each episode is worth a listen. Til Next time!