Travel soccer has led us to many, many hotel rooms. Each one of my jobs has had a hefty travel quotient to it as well. So, while I’d never use the word “expert”, I feel like I have a strong base of experience to draw from when considering the different hotel brands.

This past weekend, soccer again took us on an overnight trip. My daughter played soccer for 15 years and, as much as it is expensive and can be a hassle to lose so many weekends, the honest truth is we value those moments with her so much. Most of the time it was just the three of us. Now, my oldest son has taken over her number and her place playing soccer. We made the weekend about the three of us and will value the time spent with him. So all this brings me to the Tru brand of Hilton Hotels.

I’ll be completely transparent and say that cost was the first thing that brought me to the Tru brand. There was a hotel much closer but was priced ridiculously high due to it being right next to the soccer fields. So, price and the fact that I’d never stayed at Tru closed the deal. I will also admit to being a hotel snob. So much of my professional and recreational world has been spent in them, it’s tough not to be. Believe me when I tell you I don’t throw out high praise that often. That being said, I was wowed by Tru. This is a well-thought-out hotel concept. Especially for families.

Let’s start in the lobby. There was a pool table and the ability to play games like Uno and Candyland of all things just by leaving your license at the front desk. Snacks. Not only your normal assortment of candies, crackers, and soda, there were items that you could heat up like mini pizzas and sandwiches.

The breakfast area was better than average with a bagel bar (6 different types of bagels), eggs, sausage, cereal, juices, fruit, oatmeal, and pancakes. The pancakes were novel because with a wave of your hand, a pancake was cooked for you. I don’t want to over inflate the taste of the breakfast, but for a “free” hotel breakfast, it was more than adequate to get us ready for a super early Saturday morning soccer game.

The pool area was relatively small, but that is never a big deal to our crew. It’s a pool and pools are fun. Simple family travel math. There was a nice outdoor furniture area. During our visit a large group was taking advantage of that area to have a picnic together.

The workout facilities were above average for a hotel, offering kettlebells, elliptical, and treadmill. There was a water bottle refill station that was perfect to refill soccer bottles for a hot Georgia Sunday.

Rooms. The rooms were spacious. I think ours maybe was a little larger than others based on the floorplan. We had more than enough room. Loved that the alarm clock also doubled as a multi-outlet that offered both plug-ins and USB outlets. The bathroom was very large with a walk-in shower. There were shampoo, body wash, and conditioner containers in the shower, and only needed a squeeze to help get you clean. The beds were clean and comfortable. My wife is super picky about beds and had nothing but good things to say.

I honestly cannot recommend this hotel brand enough for families. Understand that each hotel probably has some differences in floorplan and perhaps some of the amenities, but there was a ton of thought that went into this hotel and it’s obvious. This will not be our last trip to a Tru hotel. I’m handing out our very first Family Vacationer Seal of Approval to the Tru by Hilton Hotels brand! Check them out HERE


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