I figured I would take on an immensely complex question for my first blog in quite a while. I have been asked this question from travel agent clients quite a few times recently. So, we started this podcast, in part, to try and reduce the amount of stress involved in a family vacation. To that end, my answer to this question is another question. Do you feel comfortable taking a family vacation? My approach is entirely pragmatic. One of the main reasons to take vacations is to relax. Another is to have fun and make memories with your family. What boxes are you wanting to check off? Is your main need a desire to relax? Then the question is can you accomplish that with the world as it is? If you can, then absolutely. If you feel like you can have fun and make those family memories, then absolutely yes. However, I always feel like the clients that ask me those kinds of questions already have doubt in their mind. And look, I get that there is a growing case of cabin fever in a lot of us. We have a trip on the books later this month and I will admit to having a small sense of worry. But it’s one I can manage. So off we’ll go (with trip insurance). All of that to say, I feel like this is a question no one can help you answer. If your worry exceeds your excitement for your trip, that’s probably a red flag. Just my two cents.

I feel like this worry is one reason road trips are still incredibly popular right now. On the podcast, we have covered some really awesome places to visit. I recommend looking through our catalog at some of the fun places we’ve covered. One cool part of roadtripping is that you don’t have to have just one destination. So, if far away destinations aren’t in your comfort zone right now, but you need to get out of the house. Roadtrip it! If you need help selecting a location, drop me a line at rjones@starstufftravel.com and I’d be glad to help you. Til next time.